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Jewish life today is buzzing with tradition and change. How much do you know about current Jewish communal phenomena and trends?

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Qustion 1. What is Birthright Israel?

A volunteer Israeli Army program A two-week trip to Poland and Israel for high school students A 10-day free trip to Israel for Diaspora Jews A semester-long Israeli exchange program for college students

Qustion 2. "We wish to remember. But we wish to remember for a purpose, namely to ensure that never again will evil prevail, as it did for the millions of innocent victims of Nazism." Who said this?

Elie Wiesel Ariel Sharon Pope John Paul II Barack Obama

Qustion 3. According to the 2000 National Jewish Population Survey, what percentage of American Jews affiliate with the Conservative movement?

20% 33% 45% 60%

Qustion 4. In 2004, Mel Gibson was accused of anti-Semitism after he produced what film?

Die Hard Passion of the Christ What Women Want Apocalypto

Qustion 5. True or false: According to a 2000 survey, 50% of American Jews believe "it is racist to oppose Jewish gentile marriages."

True False

Qustion 6. Members of which of these groups are often great supporters of the State of Israel?

Neturei Karta Hasidim Evangelical Christians Buddhist monks Secular atheists

Qustion 7. Which of these is a contemporary question about Jewish outreach efforts?

Should Jewish outreach target non-Jews? Should Jewish outreach target intermarried Jews? Should Jewish outreach be limited to unaffiliated Jews? None of these questions are debated All of these questions are debated

Qustion 8. Which of these occured in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks?

Jewish-Muslim dialogue Jewish religious schools added classes on Jewish-Muslim relations Synagogue members in the New York area volunteered to walk members of local mosques to their cars All of these

Qustion 9. According to National Jewish Population Surveys, between 1990 and 2000 the American Jewish population decreased by how many people?

50,000 100,000 200,000 300,000

Qustion 10. In 2007, the Jim Josephs Foundation donated $11.2 million to which Jewish non-profit organization?

Foundation for Jewish Camp Hadassah Zionist Organization of America American Jewish World Service
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