Jewish Theatre & Dance Quiz

From Yiddish theatre to Israeli folkdance, performing arts are a key part of Jewish self expression. How much do you know about Jewish theatre and dance?

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Qustion 1. In what play does Jakie Rabinowitz abandon his past, his father, and his love for cantorial music to become the American jazz star Jack Robin?

Awake and Sing! The Jazz Singer Fiddler on the Roof The Producers

Qustion 2. What was the first American theatre to specialize in Yiddish plays?

Majestic Theatre Grand Theatre Goodman Theatre Der Yiddishe Theatre

Qustion 3. What is most responsible for the end to Yiddish theatre in Europe?

Almost all Yiddish actors moved to America by the turn of the 20th century Almost all Yiddish-speaking audiences moved to America by the turn of the 20th century After World War I, Jews in Europe prefered not to speak Yiddish The Holocaust

Qustion 4. What is the name of the play often performed at a Purim celebration

Monologue Shpeil Passion Play Graggar

Qustion 5. What was the central theme of the Hebrew plays written in Palestine (pre-state Israel)?

Pioneering The limits of Socialism The dangers of capitalism Racism

Qustion 6. Which of these biblical women is associated with dance?

Sarah Rachel Miriam Hannah

Qustion 7. What happened in 1933, after Hitler came to power, and Jewish actors were ousted in Germany?

Nearly all German Jewish actors moved to America or Israel Jewish actors who were able to hide their Jewishness continued to star on German stages German Jewish actors saturated the theatre scene in Vienna, Austria Jewish actors and the public formed the Juedischer Kulturbund ("Jewish Cultural League")

Qustion 8. Who wrote The Jew of Malta?

William Shakespeare Christopher Marlowe Ben Jonson Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Qustion 9. Who authored "The Comedy of Betrothal"--the oldest existing Hebrew play?

Yehuda Sommo, in 16th century Italy Avram Goldfadn, though he later became more famous for his works in Yiddish Solomon Ibn Gabirol, in 11th century Spain Max Nordau, Theodor Herzl's right-hand man

Qustion 10. In the mid-20th century, who was responsible for disseminating Israeli folkdances across the United States?

Fred Berk Anna Sokolow Martha Graham Selma Jeanne Cohen
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