Jewish Sports Quiz

While sports have never been a major focus of Jewish life, Jews have risen to fame in professional baseball, basketball, and boxing. Sports have also reflected greater social and political conflicts in Jewish life. How much do you know about Jews and sports?

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Qustion 1. True or false: In 2004, the Ittihad Abna Sakhnin soccer club became the first Arab team to win the Israeli National Cup.

True False

Qustion 2. When was the Young Men's Hebrew Association, an organization that used sports and recreational activities to improve the moral, social, and educational life of young German Jews, founded?

1874 1930 1914 1895

Qustion 3. When did Max Nordau, a medical doctor, deliver a speech stressing the need to reestablish a "muscular Jewry”?

At the 1927 Zionist Congress in Basle At the second Zionist Congress in 1898 At the United Nations while the Partition Plan was being discussed in 1947 At the first Zionist Congress in 1897

Qustion 4. What is the name of the youth movement that was established in the 1920s to improve the physical and mental fitness of young Jews across the world?

Hahistadrut Beitar Maccabi Tza'ir Hapoel

Qustion 5. Hank Greenberg played for what team?

New York Yankees Detroit Tigers Houston Astros Brooklyn Cyclones

Qustion 6. Who was not a Jewish baseball player?

Shawn Green Hank Greenberg Maxie Rosenbloom Sandy Koufax

Qustion 7. Super Sunday, a day of telephone fundraising for Jewish Federations across the country, traditionally coincides with which major sporting event?

The first Yankees-Redsox baseball game of the season The Superbowl The final game of the World Series The final game in the NHL (National Hockey League)

Qustion 8. At which sporting event location was the first kosher food stand opened in 2003?

USTA National Tennis Center Giants Stadium Yankee Stadium Fenway Park

Qustion 9. By the 20th century, the Young Men's Hebrew Association became which New York-based Jewish organization? Jewish Theological Seminary 14st Street Y 92nd Street Y

Qustion 10. What year was Israel absent from the Olympic Summer Games in support of the U.S. boycott of the Soviet Union?

1980 1984 2004 1992
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