Jewish Sports Quiz

While sports have never been a major focus of Jewish life, Jews have risen to fame in professional baseball, basketball, and boxing. Sports have also reflected greater social and political conflicts in Jewish life. How much do you know about Jews and sports?

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Qustion 1. Mah-jongg orginiated in what country?

Japan China South Korea Thailand

Qustion 2. Who was the first Jewish designated hitter in the major leagues for the New York Yankees?

Joe Lieberman Roger Kahn Shawn Green Ron Blomberg

Qustion 3. The name of which historical book is now associated with Jewish atheletes?

Book of Maccabees Wisdom of Solomon Letter of Jeremiah Book of Judith

Qustion 4. True or False: The Talmud addresses issues of betting on pigeon races.

True False

Qustion 5. True or false: Gambling is, for the most part, permitted in Judaism.

True False

Qustion 6. American and Russian immigrants to Israel have brought which sports to the Jewish state?

Figure skating Basketball Baseball All of these

Qustion 7. Hank Greenberg played for what team?

New York Yankees Detroit Tigers Houston Astros Brooklyn Cyclones

Qustion 8. Which current or former Los Angeles Laker is Jewish?

Kobe Bryant Jordan Farmar Wilt Chamberlain Magic Johnson

Qustion 9. Israel won its first Olympic medals at the

1992 Olympics in Barcelona 2000 Olympics in Sydney 1998 Olympics in Nagano 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles Israel has never won an Olympic medal

Qustion 10. What is the name of the youth movement that was established in the 1920s to improve the physical and mental fitness of young Jews across the world?

Hahistadrut Beitar Maccabi Tza'ir Hapoel
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