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Jewish music today extends well beyond the synagogue, to the concert halls of Israel, the Klezmer revival, and the reggae of Matisyahu. How much do you know about Jewish music?

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Qustion 1. Bob Dylan's 1983 album, Infidels, contains an implicitly pro-Zionist song called:

Neighborhood Bully Highway Sixty One Revisited I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine Blowin' in the Wind

Qustion 2. What is the Hebrew name for the melodies to which traditional prayers are chanted?

Nusah Shaharit Trope Shiriyah

Qustion 3. Hava Nagila began as:

A Hasidic melody in Eastern Europe A folk melody from the Zionist movement A revolution song sung by the Jews in concentration camps A biblical melody sung by the priests in the Temple

Qustion 4. What are nigunim?

Notes for chanting the Torah, haftarah, and other Jewish sacred texts Wordless or nearly wordless musical tunes, sometimes set to short phrases in Hebrew or Yiddish Excerpts of Jewish prayers set to secular music Music composed by the professional cantorial league

Qustion 5. Klezmer music was inspired by which of these?

Kibbutz life Shtetl life Life in the ghettos during the Holocaust The lives of George Gershwin and Irving Berlin

Qustion 6. When Wagner claimed in his essay "Judaism in Music" that Jews could never be "true" creators because they are parasitic, Arnold Schoenberg created what musical response?

Cain and Abel Moses and Aaron Rachel and Leah Jacob and Esau

Qustion 7. Chava Alberstein sings in which three languages?

English, French, and Hebrew Yiddish, Hebrew, and English Polish, Hebrew, and Yiddish Russian, Hebrew, and Yiddish

Qustion 8. Which of these is an example of song in the Bible?

Abraham singing to God as he attempted to sacrifice Isaac Moses and Miriam leading the people in song after the exodus from Egypt The Israelites singing their complaints to God in the desert All of these

Qustion 9. Which of these facts about Debbie Friedman is NOT true?

Her "Alef bet" song has appeared on Barney the Dinosaur's TV show Her compositions have become a lasting part of the Reform movement's liturgy Her version of "V'ahavta" was co-written with James Taylor She learned to play guitar at Jewish summer camp

Qustion 10. What is Leonard Bernstein's only work composed for the synagogue?

Kaddish Jeremiah The Dybbuk Hashkivenu
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