Jewish Literature Quiz

From legends in the Bible and Talmud, to the American masters Bellow and Roth, storytelling has been an integral part of Jewish life. How much do you know about Jewish literature?

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Qustion 1. Which of these is NOT a contemporary Israeli author?

Aharon Appelfeld S.Y. Agnon Amoz Oz A.B. Yehoshua

Qustion 2. Who is the main character in Philip Roth's book about a man's unrelenting monologue, delivered to his therapist, about his sexual appetites and adventures?

Nathan Zuckerman E.I. Lonoff Bernard Malamud Alexander Portnoy

Qustion 3. Who was Daniel Levi De Barrios?

A descendant of a Marrano family A Jewish poet A contributor to Spanish literature All of these

Qustion 4. Which of these is NOT an American Jewish poet?

Samuel Menashe Emma Lazarus Paul Celan Allen Ginsberg

Qustion 5. Who wrote "The Vale of Cedars," a reaction against "Ivanhoe"?

Grace Aguilar Rivkah Kiktiner I.L. Peretz Mendele Mokher Seforim Sara Copio Sullam

Qustion 6. Which of these Jewish movements was responsible for the surge in 18th-century Jewish literature?

The Haskalah movement. The Hasidic movement. The Reform movement. The Mussar movement. None of the above.

Qustion 7. Which of these writers is known as the "grandfather of Yiddish literature"?

Mendele Mokher Sefforim S.Y. Agnon Franz Kafka Grace Aguilar I.B. Singer

Qustion 8. In what language did Franz Kafka write?

Czech Russian German Yiddish English

Qustion 9. Who is the author of the Russian-American novel Absurdistan?

David Bezmozgis Ellen Litman Gary Shteyngart Dalia Sofer Maurice Sendak

Qustion 10. Who was S.Y. Agnon?

An Israeli who won the Nobel Prize for literature An author who conflated his own biography with his fictional writing An influence on A. B. Yehoshua, Aharon Appelfeld, and Yehuda Amichai All of these
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