Jewish Humor Quiz

Jews have long used humor as a tool for self-ridicule, fighting anti-Semitism, and even passing down traditions. And in the past few decades Jewish humor has become significant in mainstream popular culture. How much do you know about Jewish humor?

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Qustion 1. Will & Grace was the first TV show that

Was a comedy series featuring a gay male lead Featured an interfaith marriage Had a Jewish female lead predominantly free of negative stereotyping Both A & B Both A & C

Qustion 2. What is a shlemiel?

A luckless fool A deliberately funny person A beggar A matchmaker

Qustion 3. Who played the interviewer in the sketch "The Two Thousand Year Old Man?"

Sid Caesar Mel Brooks Carl Reiner Steve Allen

Qustion 4. What year did Seinfeld premiere?

1991 1994 1989 1992 None of the above

Qustion 5. "I do not know whether there are many other instances of a people making fun to such a degree of its own character." Who said this about the Jews?

Sigmund Freud Theodor Herzl Golda Meir Winston Churchill Theodor Reik

Qustion 6. True or false: Fanny Brice, an early star of the Ziegfield Follies, only performed in Yiddish.

True False

Qustion 7. What was Mel Brooks's first box office success?

Robin Hood, Men in Tights Blazing Saddles History of the World, Part I Young Frankenstein To Be, or Not to Be

Qustion 8. Which of these people was not one of the original Three Stooges?

Moe Larry Curly Shemp

Qustion 9. What is Chelm?

An approach to Jewish humor that is particularly cynical A mythical village populated, according to Jewish folklore, by fools A nickname that was given to particularly funny people in the shtetl A short film created by Jerry Seinfeld

Qustion 10. Many of which characters' sketches on Sesame Street are adaptations of traditional Jewish jokes?

Ernie and Bert Big Bird and Snuffy Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy Big Bird and Count von Count Cookie Monster and Elmo
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