Jewish Film Quiz

Jews have always played a key role in the American movie industry, and in recent years, Israeli films have achieved a new level of international acclaim. Jewish themes have also shown up frequently in Hollywood productions. How much do you know about Jewish films, actors, directors, and stories?

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Qustion 1. Who stars in the film version of Yentl?

Woody Allen Mel Brooks Barbara Streisand Adam Sandler I. B. Singer

Qustion 2. Who played Jakie Rabinowitz in the first film version of The Jazz Singer?

Neil Diamond Al Jolson Barbara Streisand Woody Allen George Jessel

Qustion 3. Which Israeli filmmaker made both Yossi & Jagger and Walk on Water?

Joseph Cedar Woody Allen Uri Barabash Eytan Fox Judd Ne'eman

Qustion 4. The first movie filmed in Israel (1896) was

Exodus Train Station in Jerusalem Oded the Wanderer Gentleman's Agreement

Qustion 5. What caused the demise of the Yiddish film genre?

A lack of diversity in the Yiddish-speaking world The decline of Yiddish in America The Holocaust A & B B & C

Qustion 6. For many years of Israeli film, Ashkenazic Jews often played Sephardic roles, while Sephardim often played...

Arab roles Extras Ashkenazic roles Non-speaking characters

Qustion 7. Der Dibuk, the infamous Yiddish film, was produced in which country?

Poland USA Canada Australia

Qustion 8. When was the original version of the film The Jazz Singer made?

1980 1927 1965 2001 1948

Qustion 9. Fiddler on the Roof is based on:

A true story of life of a Polish shtetl A collection of Sholom Aleichem short stories Nothing, it is an original work of fiction An adaptation of biblical stories The Hanukkah story

Qustion 10. Which film is considered the Jewish turning point of Steven Spielberg's career?

Raiders of the Lost Ark The Color Purple Schindler's List Saving Private Ryan Amistad
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