Jewish Film Quiz

Jews have always played a key role in the American movie industry, and in recent years, Israeli films have achieved a new level of international acclaim. Jewish themes have also shown up frequently in Hollywood productions. How much do you know about Jewish films, actors, directors, and stories?

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Qustion 1. Which ground-breaking nine-hour documentary brought on a new wave of Holocaust-related films?

Schindler's List Shoah Judgment at Nuremberg Exodus The Great Dictator

Qustion 2. What caused the demise of the Yiddish film genre?

A lack of diversity in the Yiddish-speaking world The decline of Yiddish in America The Holocaust A & B B & C

Qustion 3. Mordecai Jefferson Carver is the lead character in which film?

The Ten The Hebrew Hammer The Producers A Stranger Among Us

Qustion 4. All of the following movies are about the Holocaust except:

Schindler's List The Pianist Life is Beautiful Sophie's Choice A Stranger Among Us

Qustion 5. What is Mel Brooks' real name?

Morton Kelmanson Morris Cohen Melvin Kaminsky Moishe Mayer

Qustion 6. Rhoda was a spin-off of what popular television show?

The Dick Van Dyke Show I Love Lucy The Mary Tyler Moore Show All in the Family

Qustion 7. Israeli director Joseph Cedar depicts which segment of the Israeli population that has been underrepresented on film?

The Druze Arab-Israelis Religious Zionists Armenians Sephardic immigrants

Qustion 8. For many years of Israeli film, Ashkenazic Jews often played Sephardic roles, while Sephardim often played...

Arab roles Extras Ashkenazic roles Non-speaking characters

Qustion 9. During which decade do scholars generally agree that the unofficial boundary to mainstream American cinema was dropped for Jews?

1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s

Qustion 10. What is the name of Mel Brooks' 1968 film, which later became a popular Broadway musical?

Spaceballs History of the World, Part I Robin Hood: Men in Tights The Producers Blazing Saddles
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