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The earliest pieces of Jewish art were religious objects–Torah adornments, marriage certificates, tombstones–that were illuminated. Relatively recently, “art for art's sake” became a concept–and the Jewish world quickly adapted, producing such notable talents as Marc Chagall and Yaacov Agam. How much do you know about Jewish art?

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Qustion 1. How did Moshe Kupferman express his experience in Polish concentration camps through his paintings?

He employed muted colors and geometric formations He only painted in shades of black He used finger painting and other child-like qualities to represent a loss of innocence He blended photography, newspaper clippings, and other mediums into his work

Qustion 2. What was the name of the first neighborhood established outside the Old City of Jerusalem in 1860?

Mishkenot Sha'ananim Ma'a lot Dafna Meah Shearim Beit Hanina

Qustion 3. When was the Bezalel School in Jerusalem founded?

1906 1948 1967 1895

Qustion 4. How does artist Archie Rand depict biblical characters?

Comic book style frames Abstract color blocks. Modern-day IDF soldiers Cartoon animals

Qustion 5. Which artist thought of himself as "Roosevelt's soldier with a pen"?

Arthur Szyk Ben Hecht Tobi Kahn Jules Olitski

Qustion 6. Who is often thought of as the "first Jewish painter?"

Marc Chagall Daniel Moritz Oppenheim Mark Rothko Peter Max Chaim Soutine

Qustion 7. Which biblical character was appointed to build the Tabernacle?

Moses Bezalel Joshua Miriam Abraham

Qustion 8. True or False: Jewish papercutting has always been limited to very rare items or ritual objects.

True False

Qustion 9. Archie Rand is famous for painting a synagogue mural in which American city?

San Francisco, California Newport, Rhode Island Brooklyn, New York Dallas, Texas

Qustion 10. True or False: Micrography creates images out of words

True False
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