Hanukkah Quiz

Though initially a minor holiday, Hanukkah has become one of the paradigmatic Jewish holidays. Hanukkah commemorates the victory of the Jews over the Syrian Greeks in 164 BCE, and is celebrated numerous ways.

How much do you know about Hanukkah?

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Qustion 1. Which rabbinic work contains the story of the miraculous jar of oil that burned for eight days?

The Talmud Book of Daniel Book of Esther Rashi's responsum

Qustion 2. Which dessert from Israel is eaten at Hanukkah because it is fried in oil?

Latkes Sufganiyot (jelly filled donuts) Bimuelos (fritters) Atayef (cheese-filled pancakes)

Qustion 3. Which game is most commonly played during Hannukah?

Pin the tail on Ahasuerus Dreidel Go-fish with Hanukkah gelt Who can eat the most latkes

Qustion 4. True or False: The reason we eat latkes is because it was the food that fortified the Maccabees as they fought Antiochus.

True False

Qustion 5. We can see the development of both the Hanukkah and the stories associated with it in

The Prophetic writings The Gemara The Assyrian Talmud Psalms of Songs

Qustion 6. Who was the first-century Jewish historian wrote his account of the origins of the holiday who wrote about the events of Hanukkah?

Antiochus Epiphanes Flavius Josephus Rabbi Akiva

Qustion 7. The Maccabees and their descendants are also known as the

Solomons Hasmoneans Schwartzs Davids

Qustion 8. The paragraph beginning "Al Hanissim" is added to

Shema Amidah Birkat Hamazon B & C None of the above

Qustion 9. A Hanukkiyah should be placed

Under a bed On a dining room table In a closet In a window

Qustion 10. According to the Talmud one should give how many gifts on Hanukkah?

1 each night At least 1 to a family member, and 1 to a poor person A total of 9 No presents are mandated by the Talmud
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