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Though initially a minor holiday, Hanukkah has become one of the paradigmatic Jewish holidays. Hanukkah commemorates the victory of the Jews over the Syrian Greeks in 164 BCE, and is celebrated numerous ways.

How much do you know about Hanukkah?

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Qustion 1. It has become customary for the Hanukkah menorah to have place for nine flames. Why is there a ninth candle, called the shamash?

A "servant flame" is needed to light the other eight, keeping them from serving the pragmatic function of lighting another flame Because it is necessary to have one flame higher than the others, to remind us of the High Priests To symbolize God’s commandments, which we all should fulfill There is no real reason, it’s just a custom

Qustion 2. According to the Talmud one should give how many gifts on Hanukkah?

1 each night At least 1 to a family member, and 1 to a poor person A total of 9 No presents are mandated by the Talmud

Qustion 3. How many blessings are said when lighting Hanukkah candles? (other than the first night)

1 2 4 5

Qustion 4. The shehekheyanu blessing is recited

Every night of Hanukkah Only on the first night The first night and the last night Every night of every single religious holiday

Qustion 5. In the late 19th century, some Jews incorporated which Christmas-time celebrations in to their lives.

Christmas Eve balls and dances Decorating trees Going to Mass A&B All of the above

Qustion 6. When playing dreidel, if you spin and get a gimmel you should

Put some gelt into the pot Skip a turn Get sent to jail Take the pot for yourself

Qustion 7. When lighting Hanukkah candles one should

Always light from left to right Always light from right to left If you’re a righty start from the right, and if you’re a lefty, start from the left Light from the middle going out, first left, then right

Qustion 8. A special scroll that contained many legends about Hanukkah and was once read on the holiday is called

The Scroll of Antiochus The Scroll of Esther The Scroll of Light The Scroll of Swordsmen

Qustion 9. We can see the development of both the Hanukkah and the stories associated with it in

The Prophetic writings The Gemara The Assyrian Talmud Psalms of Songs

Qustion 10. The Maccabees were revolting against the ideas of

Humanism Hellenism Pragmatism Phenomenology
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