Uhhhh Wrong Choice of Words?

Everyone, by now, must have heard about the scary terror plot at two synagogues in the Bronx. Luckily, the FBI was well aware of the plot and infiltrated the operation.

davewilliams.jpgLet’s say you are the parent of one of the suspected terrorists. Your son was just arrested. I’m sure you still love him but you must be a little embarrassed that your son is being branded internationally as an anti-Semite? Right?

Apparently not. David Williams Sr., the father of accused terrorist David Williams Jr., came out in support of his son to the media. If that was all, I think that would be fine. A loving father can’t believe that his son could do something so atrocious. But David Williams Sr. took things a tad too far.

“The government is blowing this up, especially those Jews,” said Williams.

Listen buddy. If you or a family member is accusing of trying to blow something up, maybe it isn’t the best idea to use the words “blowing this up” as an analogy. Especially when you are accusing the victims…

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