The Opposite of a Scandal

As far as I can tell, there are two kinds of scandals. There’s the “I can’t believe that someone who seemed so sane would do something so ill-advised” scandal, and there’s the “I always suspected that person was wackadoo and would one day prove it” kind of scandal.” When Tiger Woods turned out to have a thing for strippers and porn stars, that was the first kind of scandal. When Lindsey Lohan allegedly steals a necklace, that’s the second kind of scandal. The second is not even really a scandal, it’s just a news event that would be scandalous if it happened to someone else, but isn’t because it’s happening to Lindsay Lohan…or in this case, Eva Braun.

Did you know Eva Braun once dressed up in blackface for a costume (she was being Al Jolson from the Jazz Singer)? It’s true! Now, if it was anyone else you might be disgusted and horrified at her insensitivity etc etc. But it’s Eva Braun. She was Hitler’s girlfriend. So, it’s the least surprising piece of information ever.

Sorry, was that boring? Would you like to see the portrait of Hitler that Braun had on her living room wall?

You’re welcome.


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