The Gaza Bus Tour and other stories

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-On a tour bus, journalists are subjected to the Hamas spin operation, but it’s a pretty rigid operation. (The Globe and Mail)

-A look at attempts to encourage Bedouin entrepreneurship in Israel, including efforts to bring in tourists. (Haaretz)

-David Sloan Wilson, himself an atheist evolutionary biologist, explains why atheist evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins is wrong about religion: Dawkins has missed the adaptive power of religion, he argues. (Skeptic)

-A look at how Cab Calloway “ found ingenious ways to infuse his act with retooled Yiddish folksongs, hilarious, if ironic, parodies of Jewish black-face performance, and mock cantorial melismas that incorporated his own unique brand of pidgin Hebrew�. It seems he had a Jewish manager from Odessa. (Jbooks)

-The annual convocation of the Jewish Renewal movement finds that Renewal ideas and people are infiltrating into all four denominations. (JTA)

Posted on August 2, 2007
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