Shlomo the Musical & More

-In “Herencia Judia (Jewish Heritage),â€? “Lapidus has reimagined familiar Jewish texts (and occasionally, traditional melodies) in Caribbean rhythms. The familiar Pesach words of ‘Dayenu’ are set to the plena, a narrative song style originally from Puerto Rico; the Four Questions as a Cuban form, the changui…â€? (The Jewish Week)

-And a look at how goes “one of the most bitterest cultural wars in the ultra-Orthodox community in yearsâ€? — the permissibility of public music concerts. (Haaretz)

-Rabbi Andrew Hahn, aka the Kirtan Rabbi, “is part of a small cadre of pioneers who incorporate Hebrew names of God and snatches of sacred texts into musical forms associated with Eastern traditions… usually done in kirtan, also known as bhajan, an ancient form of call-and-response chanting that originated in India, in the Hindu and Sikh traditions.� (NJ Jewish News)

-A look at Black Orthodox bluesman Joshua Nelson, who has joined the Klezmatics but is still music director at Hopewell Baptist Church as well as a Hebrew-school teacher. (Jewish Exponent)

-A new musical “Shlomo the Musical” seeks to revive the spirit and spirituality of Shlomo Carlebach. (Jewish Exponent)

-A new CD captures the rich musical tradition of Portugal’s liturgy, including Marrano communities. (Haaretz)

Capsule reviews of some new Jewish CDs, including “The Diwan of the Jews from Central Yemen”, “Sephardi Voices from Sarajevo”, and an album which is a “seamless fusion of Afro-Caribbean and Jewish materials.â€? (Jewish Journal)

-Some short reviews of recent Jewish music CDs from Red Hot Chachkas, Brian Bender and Little Shop of Horas, David Buchbinder, Klezmer Alliance and others. (The Jewish Week)


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