New Maccabeats Video

What, you didn’t think we would post this video?

You remember the Maccabeats. They are that Yeshiva University acapella¬† group that became huge YouTube stars in December after their Hanukkah music video went viral (it’s been viewed over four million times). So you and I shouldn’t be surprised that they’ve returned with a brand new song and video now that Purim is a little over a week away.

Not gonna lie. The first time I watched this yesterday, I was underwhelmed. But you know what? I watched it again just a couple of minutes ago, and it’s definitely going to grow on me. Not bad, Maccabeats. Not bad at all.

Not that they need my support in the slightest. The video was posted yesterday and already has over 100,000 views. Who is their marketing guy and does he want to work for us?


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