My Rent Is High

Back in September, I moved to a new apartment. I’d been in my old place for two years, which was the longest I’d lived in one place since high school. It was time for a change. Plus, I found an awesome apartment (mouse included!) for $350 less a month. Not bad. Of course, since I live in New York, I still pay four figures. Four figures for mice.

If you’re a fan of viral videos, then there is a good chance that you saw this week’s big hit, The Rent is Too Damn High.

New York state is funny in the sense that they invite all the candidates to participate in the governor’s debate, no matter how crazy they are. This year, that group included Jimmy McMillan, the head of the Rent is Too Damn High Party. Below, you’ll be able to watch and understand why he is so awesome.

Except for one thing.

He might just have it in for the Jews. Just read what he wrote a couple years back:

There are over (25) Twenty Five Thousand Newly Rented Apartments, Available, Now Renting in the Williamsberg Section of Brooklyn, NY. as is all throughout the (5) Five Boro’s. But… they are only being Rented to the Jewish People.

That’s too bad. I really wanted to like this guy. Because as crazy as he is, the rent really is too damn high.

P.S. Watch this video and tell me you don’t feel bad for Andrew Cuomo. Did he actually have to follow McMillan after every single question? That would be like telling a minister, “Sure can you go up and preach. You’re up right after this Martin Luther King guy.” It’s just unfair.


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