My Alter-Ego

It all started with an e-mail from my mom a couple of years ago. She had been googling my name when she came across a curious video on YouTube titled, “J-Mo: A HipHopumentary.” The star of the video was a kid from Sydney, Australia named Jeremy Moses.  My friends and I immediately because obsessed with the video (which alter-Jeremy has since removed from the internet, but that’s another story). We knew all the lyrics to his rap and it became somewhat of an anthem to my life (“Jeremy is my name/Ladies are my game/Once you hear my rhymes you will never be the same.”).

Recently,  I’ve started Google Alerting my name (I’m in a very vain period in my life). While it is a great chance for me to find out more about Stephen F. Austin University Football, yesterday, I was googled alerted about some YouTube videos from a Jeremy Moses is Australia. YES! My alter-ego has made a triumphant return!

But the great discovery did not stop there. Jeremy Moses (Australia) is also Jewish. Not only that, he occasionally makes Jewish videos. Well, what a coincidence! I blog about Jewish videos! A true match made in heaven.

So while this video might be a little dated (it’s about a Jew who doesn’t know what to do with himself on Easter), it’s still worth showing. Go alternate me!


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