Movies for Tu Bishvat

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Over at New York Magazine’s Vulture blog they have a list of movies to help you celebrate Tu Bishvat. Now, I have some issues with the pretense–of all holidays Tu Bishvat has no narrative, and so seems like it wouldn’t lend itself to cinema, plus the holiday is about trees and nature, so I’m not sure staying inside to watch a movie makes a huge amount of sense. On the other hand, it’s cold outside, and I like movies, so I’ll give it a pass. Number one on the list, of course, is the Giving Tree. But number 5 is Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and 2-4 will probably raise some eyebrows, too. Definitely check it out.

I was curious about who would write a Tu Bishvat roundup, so I googled the author of the Vulture piece, and it turned out he converted for marriage back in 2006. He had to be circumcised as an adult and he said, “It didn’t tickle.” He also used to be in charge of one of my favorite radio shows/podcasts, KCRW’s The Business.  Cool!

Posted on January 20, 2011

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