Kosher Elk Anyone?

Yesterday the JTA reported that kosher elk meat will soon be available to the public. After more than six years of waiting, Noah’s Ark Processors in South Dakota, which sells kosher meat under the Solomon’s Finest Glatt Kosher label were given the go ahead from the Orthodox Union.

The Elk is expected to be shipped to supermarkets such as Fairway and Shoprite as early as July 14th, and according to a rabbi from the Orthodox Union it will probably be a specialty product such as buffalo which has been on the market for over ten years.
But According to Ilan Parente, the owner of Solomon’s finest:

We don’t look at it as exotic, he said. ‘These animals have been here before the cow was introduced to North America. They’re native to this country.’ In addition, Parente points out that elk is ’70 to 80 percent leaner than beef, it’s tastier and a lot healthier.’ (MORE)

The elk is the newest in jungle meat on the market. In June, the Daily Telegraph reported that the Giraffe was officially declared kosher because it met the meat technical requirements: chews its cud, has cloven hooves, and dairy requirements- that the milk must be a certain consistency. But you won’t be seeing giraffe meat on the market any time soon. According to Rabbi Ari Z. Zivotofsky:

The only impediments to Schechting (slaughtering) giraffe are cost and practical considerations. (They are among the most difficult animals to restrain.)

In light of the meat shortage from the Agriprocessors scandal, I guess it’s time for an elk burger!

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