Just When I Thought This Story Couldn’t Be Weirder…

I saw this yesterday and considered blogging about it. But now the story has become too good not to talk about.

Did you hear about the FBI’s Most Wanted suspect who was arrested this week in Tel Aviv? Sure, it isn’t usually a huge story when a suspect criminal is found hiding out in a foreign country. But the reasons Mickey Louis Mayon was on the run would make Israel a strange place to go to.

mayon.jpg Mayon is a member of the Ku Klux Klan. He has been accused of setting fire to federal agents’ cars, along with a host of other crimes. So maybe Mayon pulled a really clever move. Why would anyone ever suspect a KKK member to hide out in a country filled with people he hates?

But as I said, the story gets weirder. The U.S. is trying to extradite Mayon back home. However, Mayon has asked to stay in Israel. His reason? He has an Israeli girlfriend and she is pregnant with his child.


Now I’m thinking. At this kid’s wedding, will David Duke get an invite? Will they make him wear a kippah? Did Ryan Gosling make a movie about a kid before he was even born?

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