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Are you in the know? Introducing the MJL Jewish news roundup, featuring important, interesting, and informative stories from around the Jewish world.

  • Yehoshua Engleman says, “Hearing even a single note of Godly music can make people stop appreciating human voices, for they know that nothing can ever compare. One is left with the shame of being merely mortal.â€? (The Jerusalem Post)
  • A glimpse at “the only place in the Middle East beyond Israel’s borders where Arab students and scholars and Israeli scholars meet on a regular basis and discuss Israeli history, literature and culture — in Hebrewâ€? But: “There are no signs …There is no Web site. There are no announcements in newspapersâ€?. (Forward)

    • Although Falwell often boasted that “the Jewish people in America and Israel and all over the world have no dearer friend than Jerry Falwellâ€?, Evan R. Goldstein argues that this was not at all true. (Haaretz)
    • And Former TIer Andrew Silow-Carroll says Falwell “left a grim legacy… he reduced the religious debate in this country to a dogfight over a few narrow and unnecessarily distracting issues.â€? (NJ Jewish News)
    • But Jonathan Tobin calls Falwell “among our most zealous allies on the question of Israel, its security and its place in the worldâ€?, and regrets that he was “not merely unappreciated, but often met with outright rejection.â€? (Jewish Exponent)


Posted on May 30, 2007

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