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1967 WAR:

  • Timeline of the war and buildup to it. Includes hyperlinks to some maps and documents. (Zionism & Israel Information Center)
  • David Remnick discusses “Why the Six-Day War is still being foughtâ€? by reviewing books by Tom Segev Michael Oren and Gershom Gorenberg about the 1967 war and its aftermath, noting the wrenching leadup: “Yitzhak Rabin, the Israel Defense Forces chief of staff, suffered a nervous breakdown, … [Prime Minister Levi] Eshkol … gave a radio address that was a stammering, confused disaster. …rabbis were consecrating parks as cemeteries, and thousands of graves were dug… Ben-Gurion was so worried about the possibility of a military coup that he issued a public warning from Sde Boker… Just four days before the war, Eshkol was forced to give up the defense portfolio to the most unpredictable figure in the country, Moshe Dayan.â€? (New Yorker)
  • A look at how the 1967 war provided a catalyst for Soviet Jews to think of leaving the country: “had it not been for the 1967 war, the movement of Soviet Jewry’s immigration to Israel would have emerged ten years later. Because of it, the Jews became an integral element in the disintegration of the Soviet Union.â€? (Haaretz)
  • In a new book about the Six Day War, two Israeli authors claim that the conflict was deliberately engineered by the Soviet Union to create the conditions in which Israel’s nuclear program could be destroyed. And Daniel Pipes thinks they’ve made a good case. (The Jerusalem Post)
  • Three fairly different first-hand accounts of the seizure of Jerusalem in 1967: Ruthie Blum (Jerusalem Post), Abraham Rabinovich (Jerusalem Post) and Faigie Heiman (The Jewish Press)
  • Recalling the 1967 battle of Ammunition Hill. (Israel National News)
Posted on June 1, 2007

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