Israel’s Memorial & Independence Days

-The last surviving person to have attended the historical afternoon session when Ben Gurion read the scroll establishing the Jewish state recalls that time, and laments the lost feeling of togetherness. (Haaretz)

-Gideon Levy complains: “In a short period of seven days the State of Israel dictates three times what its citizens should feel: They should grieve twice – on Holocaust Remembrance Day and on Memorial Day, and to be happy once – on Independence Day. These three days are commemorated in Israel with near zealous totality, a sort of missionary sanctity that appears to be intensifying over the years.â€? (Haaretz)

-But for many Israeli Arabs, it’s a day of bitter memories. (National Post)

Participation by handicapped and IDF disabled veterans in Memorial Day ceremonies for the IDF fallen is hampered or prevented by lack of handicapped-access facilites. (Ynet)

-A “group of over 100 British Jews comprised of well-known academics, writers, actors and other public figures has launched a scathing attack against the Jewish stateâ€?, saying, “We’re not celebrating Israel’s anniversaryâ€? in a the letter carried by the Guardian newspaper. (Ynet)

1948 photogallery (all B&W). (Sun-Sentinal)

-Recollections of Israel’s founding, each including a video. (Sun-Sentinal)

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