Israeli Government Twitters the War

It’s mostly PR, but it’s a kind of PR that the Israeli government hasn’t historically shown the capability to produce — and the kind of PR that Israel desperately needs. The Israeli Consulate in New York has a Twitter stream which is reporting on the progress of the war, and fielding the questions of anxious, uninformed, and occasionally hostile people on the Interwebz.

What follows are sample lines from the stream. (The “@” thingys mean that the Consulate is replying to a direct question.)

@travamag We wish Hamas stops bombings, we’ve disengaged from Gaza but. we can’t stand bombs hitting Israelis

@skap5 Expect Egypt to continue what they’ve been doing: trying to covnince Hamas to stop rockets, make peace w/isr

@brianoflondon Hamas has dclred JIHAD on Isr. ths mns they wll go 2 any xtrme 2 injre IL ctzns. their suiciders r ordrd 2 go actv

@avivnu A Hamas rocket has a single aim Isr. civilians. We’re sorry for every civilian hit &wish Hamas will not use human shields

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