Hitler–A Fashion Icon?

You guys, Hitler is back. Not as the leader of the Third Reich, but as a sales man for an Italian clothing designer. Because nothing says style guru like thigh-high boots, armbands and fatigues.

Seriously, the ad campaign features this picture of Hitler, in a pink army uniform, with a heart on his armband. He’s also wearing makeup, and has his nails painted pink. The tagline? “Change style. Don’t follow your leader.”

I’m sorry, but how does any of that make sense? If the message is to break away from what everyone else is doing, why alter the image of Hitler? He’s the poster child for just going along with whatever madness is going on. And if the message is not to follow leaders, then the whole idea of advertising becomes problematic. They’re trying to convince you to buy something, to follow their lead…

I cannot believe I have even wasted a second’s worth of brain power on this ad campaign. When can we all just agree that it’s a bad idea to make advertisements that feature Hitler and move on with our lives? The only thing that can make me feel better now is this.

Oh yeah, remember the three other times I’ve written about Hitler ads? Good times.

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