Hanukkah Does Not Fall in June

I’m sure Sammy Davis Jr. was a good guy. It’s kinda cool too that he was a convert to Judaism. But some people might overvalue how famous and awesome Davis is.

Take a recent auction as proof. A menorah (I’m actually guessing it’s a hanukkiah, but who am I to judge) that the New York Federation gave to Davis in 1965 failed to sell for its minimum asking price of $10,000.

$10,000? Menorahs from the shtetls don’t sell for that much! Crazy enough was that someone was willing to pay $8,500 for it and that bid was rejected. Whoever owns this thing is seriously overstating its worth.

As per my title, the timing of this thing was way off. Who needs Hanukkah gear in June? If I owned Sammy Davis Jr.’s hanukkiah, I’d wanna use it. What need to I have for something like that during the summer?

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