Eight Days of Videos–The Fountainheads

I’m all about this video. You might watch it and feel like it’s nothing special. But I’ll tell you something right now. The Fountainheads’ “I Gotta Feeling Hanukkah” is secretly pure genius.

Why’s that? Because it features Israelis singing in English! And that is hilarious.

Back when I used to go to camp, the Israeli staff members would always make fun of the North Americans when they tried to speak Hebrew. I guess they thought our accents were funny. But it’s payback time!

Hearing Israelis sing in English is just too funny. There is a naselness (obviously not a word) to their voices that makes me laugh so hard when listening to this song.

I do feel a little bad for the people who made this video. How were they to know that the Maccabeats would make the EXACT SAME music video just a week before. They probably worked pretty hard on this yet because of those YU kids, it comes off as kind of unoriginal.

But PLEASE. Sing English more often.

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