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At my parents house, we routinely have anywhere between 15-20 people at our Passover seders, occasionally even more. And while no one at the table even notices, my parents are able to provide a haggadah for every single person at the table. Not only that, we have more than one set of haggadahs! That comes out to about 50 books. That’s quite the financial commitment.

But what if you’ve never hosted a seder before? Should be expected to shell out hundreds of dollars just to be able to provide the proper reading material for your guests? And even more than that, what if you are all beginners, and don’t know the slightest thing about Passover or seders? Is it really worth it to invest in 20 books?

Luckily, the internet exists.

And inside the internet, has actually created a free downloadable basic Haggadah for your Passover seder. It’s very user friendly and, again, its free.

I wouldn’t say that their Haggadah is the most in depth Haggadah out there. So if you have a doctorate in Jewish Studies and have been hosting a seder for 50 years, this might not be the Haggadah for you.

But if you weren’t considering having a seder this year, partially because you didn’t even know how to have one, you should check out I came away impressed.

Posted on March 29, 2011

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