Chrismukkah Cookbook A Waste of Cash

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I was out with a friend on Sunday and came across the Chrismukkah Cookbook. Written by Ron Gompertz the cookbook takes the lowest common denominator of both holidays and came up with cheesy recipes and crafts for kids. matzah_house.jpgA fruit cake recipe that calls for crushed gelt! Instead of a gingerbread house, a matzoh house!–with dreidls and gelt glued on.gefilte_goose.jpg

Since the book is officially called Chrismukkah! The Merry Mish-Mash Holiday Cookbook. I feel I can safely assume the author is being intentionally overly whimsical. However, I still find it borderline offensive. Interfaith families have come up with a lot of really cool and innovative ways of bringing Jewish and Christian holidays and celebrations together. Why bring everything down to the lowest level possible with a matzoh house and gefilte goose? Also: Ew.