Best Of The Week

The week has been an exciting one. Probably more important than anything, New York’s Veterans Day Parade went by our 5th Avenue office for a good two and a half hours. The highlight for everyone? Seeing Tony Curtis. Excuse me? Who is Tony Curtis? Yeah I don’t know either. According to Matthue, he kissed Marilyn Monroe.

Check out our new article on Orthodox Women & Religious Leadership. Then feel free to use large words like “para-rabbinic” at dinner parties. You can thank us later.

Or how about our new article about Marranos? I would have called it Tales From the Crypto-Jews. But I didn’t get my way.

Finally, two new recipes. Both are meat. Except one doesn’t contain meat. Weird. First, we got Chopped Liver (plenty of meat in that one). Then we got Seitan Brisket (no meat). Enjoy!


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