Best of the Week

What was your favorite part of the week? I hope I speak for some of you when I say that it was Passover ending. Phew. Good thing we never have to do that holiday again.

What? The holiday comes once a year? Is the Messiah coming soon? No? Maybe? What was all that “Next Year in Jerusalem!” stuff about then? You’re a tease, Judaism. A big tease.

When I saw that we would be publishing an article about Soulika, I was excited that we were featuring an article on the talented JDub band, Soulico. It turns out that Soulika is the name of a young Moroccan Jewish woman who many consider to be that community’s Joan of Arc. Just as interesting a topic. But you gotta admit, Soulika would be a pretty good name for a band.

A couple weeks ago, I reported that some rabbis in Monsey decided that lox was no longer kosher. When it turned out that that story was false, we got so excited that we decided to make our own lox. Yum.

I need to confess something. Even though I am from Montreal, where there is a huge Moroccan community, I’ve never been to a Maimouna. I was even invited to one this year and I turned it down for pizza. I’m ashamed. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Learn all about the Maimouna. Maybe you can hold your own next year.


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