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Can you smell it? It’s not right in front of me, but I can definitely smell it from the distance. Yeah…that’s the smell of unleavened bread. Oh no…it’s coming…Passover is coming…Or for all of you who love Passover…Passover is coming!

Another week, another video. MyJewishLearning is throwing YouTube videos at you faster than it takes David to go to the dentist. Zing! Six months ago joke! This new video features Jon Friedman, a writer and blogger for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, telling us about a terrible experience he had going to synagogue over the High Holidays when he was 17. The problem? He was 17.

People say that rabbi’s sermons are boring. People love to make jokes about it. That they put kids to sleep. That they put adults to sleep. Well my dad is a rabbi. So those are fighting words where I come from. You got a problem with sermons? You got a problem with my fist in your face. After that, if you STILL have a problem, you should read our article about teaching your kids the Torah portion.

Speaking of which, you should probably have some material when you sit down with your kids to talk to them. Why not read our new weekly feature from Torah Topics for Today. A great resource for parents.


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