Best of the Week

Let’s see…Hmm…What happened this week…Oh nothing much.

Except that I got to sit in the Sacramento Kings locker room and interview Omri Casspi. Highlight of my life? Sorry bar mitzvah. You’ve moved down a notch. Wait…my bar mitzvah was definitely not the highlight of my life previous to this. My werewolf bar mitzvah on the other hand…

Speaking of California, we have a new article on the San Francisco 49ers. Or something like that.

Best line (or worst) in our new article featuring ideas for using up leftover challah: “Using leftover bread will save you lots of dough.”

While some kids listened to Rafi on repeat while riding in the backs of their parents’ cars, my family listened to Passover kids albums on repeat. And Shlock Rock. Plenty of Shlock Rock. Here is a cool article on Jewish children’s music.


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