Best of the Rest

Some people may wonder, “Hey Jeremy, if these articles are so great, how come they aren’t featured on the homepage?” After I have these people waterboarded (too soon?), I kindly explain to them that we have so much new content, that the homepage simply couldn’t handle that much material.

So in case you missed it. We have a great article about the history of the Jews in Ethiopia. This will be Part I in a series, with the history of the Ethiopian Jews in Israel coming in the near future.

Cool new recipe on how to make Lower East Side Style Full Dill Pickles. Perfect if you plan on being hungry in six months.

Finally, we have been re-publishing a lot of articles from the Jewish Women’s Archive. So far, my favorite has been the article about comedienne, Joan Rivers. People, today, usually only think of Ms. Rivers for his plastic surgery, but it turns out she was a pretty influential female comedian in her day.

Have a good weekend!


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