Baby Hitler Isn’t As Crazy As Cat Hitler

baby hitler Baby Hitler? Cat Hitler? Both exist.

First, let’s cover Baby Hitler. Danish artist Nina Maria Kleivan wanted to prove that everyone starts out the same, and that everyone has the opportunity to either do good or bad. How did she prove it? She did it just like any other normal, rational thinking person would do.

She dressed her baby up like Hitler. To be fair, she didn’t just dress the baby up like Hitler. She also dressed it up like Stalin, Milosovic, Idi Amin, and other ruthless dictators.

Wow. I’ve already thought of hundreds of ways to permanently scar my future children (namely, calling my second child “Lefty,” then forcing him to be left-handed and then making him become a professional baseball player. You’re telling me you would feel more confident if you’re team’s closer was named Lefty Moses? My point has been proven). But dressing my kids up like Hitler probably never came up in my mind. I just don’t think I would ever be forgiven.

Just imagine bringing your boyfriend and girlfriend over to your parents house and them deciding to show baby pictures of you. It’s already ready embarrassing. Add to that a Hitler mustache and we’re talking a life time of you being single.

That being said, does this even compare in offensiveness to Cats That Look Like Hitler? Yes, that’s a real site.


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