A Religious Roundup (Or: A Frum Flock)

I don’t know what’s going on with me lately, but I’m having some trouble focusing. As a result, I have no lengthy (or even pithy and wise) blog post, just a collection of interesting religion related links with notes about what I’ve been thinking about writing about them. Enjoy!

The family tree that goes from Genesis through the first half of Exodus.  It’s actually very helpful to see it laid out like this. Why didn’t anyone give me something like this in grade school?

Couples who pray together really do stay together. This article seems to be all about Christian couples who do really personal praying together. I wonder if it has the same effect on frum couples who may attend shul together, but sit on either sides of the mehitza, and don’t do a lot of spontaneous praying together.

Squeezable Hummus! I think people must be tired of my traditionalist hummus tirades, but really, all that matters about this hummus is if it’s good hummus. All signs point to meh.  Money quote: “Americans look at it like they’ve never seen a bicycle. It’s a real invention! It’s something else!” exclaimed Ami Blashkovsky enthusiastically. Blashkovsky, 47, is the man behind the new squeezable hummus initiative.

Lady Gaga on Jewels of Elul. I love Bad Romance, but she doesn’t really have anything interesting to say here.
Mormons have produced these ads promoting Mormons. Not Mormonism, Mormons. Watching them, I can’t help thinking what the Jewish version would be like.

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