Jewish Death and Mourning 101

What you need to know about Judaism's death, mourning and burial practices


Timeline of Jewish Mourning

Key Jewish milestones after the loss of a loved one


Why Do Jews Put Stones on Graves?

Learn the reasons for this distinctive mourning practice.

Shiva: What You Need to Know

Questions and answers about traditions for the seven-day Jewish mourning period.

Jewish Views on Cremation

Taboo in Jewish tradition, but increasingly popular nonetheless.

The Basics of Kriah, or Tearing a Piece of Clothing

The ancient practice of tearing clothes is a tangible expression of grief and anger in the face of death.

Kaddish, a Memorial Prayer in Praise of God

The Kaddish is recited in a prayer service, on a daily or weekly basis, after the death of a close relative.

Jewish Funerals: What to Expect When You Go

Bad news, unfortunately, travels fast. It can be helpful to know in advance what to do when attending a Jewish funeral.

Yizkor, the Jewish Memorial Service

Yizkor is the memorial service recited four times a year by the congregation during Jewish holiday services.

Comforting Jewish Mourners: Nihum Avelim

Respect for the deceased, kindness and concern for those who mourn.

What to Do When A Loved One is Dying

Jewish resources to help you through the final days and hours.

Organ Donation and Judaism

Frequently asked questions about Jewish views on this life-saving procedure.

Afterlife & Messiah Quiz

How much do you know about Judaism and the afterlife?

Death and Mourning Quiz

What are the history and practical aspects of Jewish bereavement?