Magic & the Supernatural

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Magic & the Supernatural

Magic & the Supernatural Quiz

How well do you know Jewish magic, and the debates around it?

Magic & the Supernatural

What Is A Hamsa?

Although it may derive from Islamic or pagan culture, the hamsa today has become a Jewish and Israeli symbol.

Magic & the Supernatural

Attitudes Toward Jewish Magic

Do Jews believe in magic -- and when?

Lilith, Lady Flying in Darkness

The most notorious demon of Jewish tradition becomes a feminist hero.

Magic vs. Miracle

The Hebrew Bible condemns certain forms of divination and magic, while celebrating others as behaviors suitable for Israelite heroes.

Jewish Mystical Ideas and Concerns

Can we distinguish a mystical idea from a philosophical one--and mystical practice from magic?

Jewish Curses

In Jewish thought and texts, curses exemplify the belief that speech can have tremendous power.


Making men of clay: Can imitating God extend to the creative realm?

Do Jews Believe in Demons?

Though the idea of demons raises concerns about divine providence, belief in demons developed among some Jews throughout history.

Evil Eye in Judaism

There are a number of Jewish practices to ward off the harmful effects of the evil eye.

Jewish Astrology

There was no Jewish prohibition against consulting the stars, but sages questioned if astrology applied to Jews.