We here at MJL have a strong appreciation for the internet. We have to in our line of business.

But, as JTA reported yesterday, many other Jewish non-profits haven’t learned how to harness the power of the web–in this case, for donations.

Only one or two national organizations raise a significant portion of their donations from the internet. And the worst-off sector seems to be synagogues.

Some synagogues are reluctant to pay credit-card fees, Robert Evans, the managing director of the Philadelphia-based EHL Consulting Group said, while others simply are not technologically equipped.

“Statistically, the number of synagogues that have vibrant Web sites is shockingly low,” he said. “We are working with 15 to 20 synagogues, and none of them has a Web site that we would say embraces technology adequately.” (MORE)

But don’t worry, MJL has caught on to the trend.

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