To My Bitter Herb

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My dad’s name is Herb. Well Herbert to be accurate. But you can call him Herb.

These leads to the same joke every year on Passover: “Why is it that on all other nights we have whatever Herb we want, but on this night we only have bitter Herb? Maybe cause he had to lead the seder.”

(Insert groan)

So I guess our video-animating friend Will Levin had my dad in mind when he created his new Passover video.


Posted on April 2, 2009

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One thought on “To My Bitter Herb

  1. The Doctor

    Poor Herb. Let him try being the third son. 50 years of “you’re not wise, you’re not too young to ask, you’re not even evil; you’re just…simple.” It’s enought to give someone a complex. But if I had a complex I wouldn’t be simple, and it wouldn’t be a problem; so I wouldn’t have a complex. Uh oh…

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