Passover 2013 Green Gift Guide

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Despite its associations with the verdant spring, the way we tend to observe Passover is anything but green. So we’re offering this guide to making your Passover less wasteful and more sustainable, from green cleaning products to recycled wine glasses. “Like” it to share it with your friends. We hope it’s helpful!

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

There are some great green and eco-friendly cleaning supplies out there to help you rid your home of hametz. Simple Green is an all purpose cleaner ($11.75), and there’s also Free and Clear ($5.49). We also love these Full Circle sponges and brushes made from recycled products ($19.99), and these microfiber eco-friendly Cleaning Cloths ($6.99).

Simple Green 13033 All-Purpose Cleaner, $11.75

Free & Clear All-Purpose Cleaner, $5.49

Full Circle Home Specialty Cleaning Set, $19.99

Skoy Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloth, $6.99

Recycled and Reusable Tableware

These greener and reusable dishes and pans wed the convenience of disposable with the conscience of sustainable. Preserve Everyday Tableware offers recycled, dishwasher-safe sets of 4 plates, cups, and bowls ($17.95), 24-count cutlery sets ($12.83), and 3 nested mixing bowls for $21.63. Or, try this set of beautiful bamboo dishes that are single-use, but totally biodegradable ($24.99).

Preserve Everyday Tableware Set, $17.95

Preserve 24 Count on The Go Cutlery, $12.83

Preserve Nested Mixing Bowls, $21.63

Bamboo Studio Party-Pack, $24.99

Shatterproof and Recycled Wine Glasses & Accessories

For the wine at your seder table we suggest these recyclable and shatterproof wine glasses (4 for $12.95) or these recycled glass wine glasses (6 for $61.75). And if you’re looking to bring some rustic class to your brisket, we love this serving tray made out of an old wine barrel ($55). And how about this wooden handled corkscrew ($10.03) to open your wine?

Govino Wine Glass Flexible Shatterproof Recyclable, 4 for $12.95

Recycled Glass Wine Glasses, 6 for $61.75

Wine Barrel Serving Tray with Stave Foot, $55

Wood Professional Corkscrew, $10.03

Organic and Sustainable Kosher Wine

Kosher organic wine is hard to find, but this guide has helped us make our picks. For white, try Yarden Chardonnay ($16.99) or Baron Herzog White Zinfandel, ($7.99) (Baron Herzog is not certified organic, but many of their wines come from “sustainably grown/low spray” grapes.) For red, we love Barkan Cabernet Savignon, ($10.19) and Elvi Mati Rioja Tempranillo ($21.99).

Yarden Chardonnay, $16.99

Baron Herzog White Zinfandel, $7.99

Barkan Cabernet Sauvignon Classic, $10.19

2009 Elvi Mati Rioja Tempranillo, $21.99

We hope you enjoy the selection as much as we do! And check out our Classic Passover 2013 Gift Guide for our favorite seder plates, matzah covers, and seder essentials.

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Posted on March 15, 2013

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