Food, Glorious Food

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How does kosher salt (or, more correctly “koshering salt”) differ from other salt? (JCarrot)

Tova Mirvis looks at the impact in the Orthodox world of three cookbooks: The Kosher Palette, Kosher by Design and, Kosher By Design Entertains. (Tablet)

The new management team at Agriprocessors–now called Agri Star–is off to a rocky start. (Forward)

Subway is now the US’s the largest kosher restaurant chain (9 franchises, and 7 more are planned), having overtaken Mendy’s and Dougie’s. (Kansas City Jewish Chronicle)

Could Kashrus supervision be done via cameras placed in restaurant kitchens? (Ha’aretz)

Posted on September 18, 2009

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One thought on “Food, Glorious Food

  1. rivkafriedman

    As I read Mirvis’ piece on Suzie Fishbein, I wondered why she didn’t address head-on the tendency of Modern Orthodox women not to innovate in the kitchen — a tendency only emphasized by the widespread reliance on a _kosher_ gourmet cookbook and reluctance to use interesting recipes from elsewhere and simply improvise where necessary. Reliance on Fishbein isn’t just about conforming to social norms; it’s about fear of innovation in general, a tendency in the kitchen that mirrors a broader trend in the MO community.

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