Frum Toilet Paper

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99 reasons why I love being Orthodox….

orthodox toilet paper

…but this ain’t one.

Here’s my big question. Why does pre-cut toilet paper exist? Tissues are easy, and comfortable. If you want to be hardcore about toilet paper feeling different than any kind of paper, then grab a hacksaw and cut an old-fashioned roll in half.

The only possible conclusion I can come to is this: You waste less toilet paper. Which is more environmentally-friendly, and it means we care about baal tashhit. And that is why I am Orthodox.

Posted on November 24, 2009

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3 thoughts on “Frum Toilet Paper

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  2. dlevy

    The real question is why would anyone continue to use the old fashioned pre-cut toilet paper (no matter how fabulous it claims to be) in this age of readily available pre-cut wet wipes? I would argue that its anti-chapping powers make it even more Sabbath-friendly than traditional toilet paper (so long as it’s not scented or too lotioned lest one accidentally anoint oneself or otherwise back into an unintended melacha).

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