Anti-Semitic Liturgy

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In light of Eli Stern’s op-ed about interfaith dialogue that I blogged about yesterday, this news story about Orthodox Christians confronting their theology is of note:

“Sadly, there are some Orthodox Christians who propagate disgusting anti-Semitism under the banner of Orthodoxy, which is incompatible with Christianity,” said Rev. Innokenty Pavlov, professor of theology at Moscow’s Biblical Theological Institute….

Unlike the Catholic and Protestant churches, the Orthodox Church has never removed anti-Semitic passages from its liturgy, which still refers to Jews as Christ killers, said Dr. Dmitry Radyehsvky, director of the Jerusalem Summit, a conservative Israeli think tank that co-sponsored the visit.

He said the anti-Semitic passages were most conspicuous during Easter services, and included statements such as “the Jewish tribe which condemned you to crucifixion, repay them, Oh Lord,” which is repeated half a dozen times, and “Christ has risen but the Jewish seed has perished,” as well as references to Jews as “God-killers.”


Posted on April 20, 2007

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2 thoughts on “Anti-Semitic Liturgy

  1. Ezekah

    While I know that a few radical xian sects espouse anti-Jewish beliefs, I had no idea that the entire Orthodox Xian branch still held these beliefs. Given that a few priests are now raising the matter and given the rate of glacial slowness that religion changes, there might be a change in these Orthodox xian beliefs in our grand-children’s generation.

  2. clara1

    The Catholic churches in Tampa, FLA area are for the Jews and try to make up for any wrong the Catholics have done Jews in the past. I don’t know about other places. PA was very hard-nosed about condeming Catholics to Hell so I don’t know about them.

    However, I don’t think this new pope is for the Jews; I think he is bad news. But American Catholics are American and can weld a power which can cause Popes to do thing dfferently==like with the molested boys (they haven’t addressed the molested girls and women yet.)

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