Post-Hanukkah Detox

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Hanukkah is over, and much as I love a holiday that gives me an excuse to eat fried cheese, I am really excited to have some latke-free days in my future.

If you, like me, could use some recipes to help get you back into a slightly healthier place, here are some of my favorite suggestions:
Lentil Soup
Warm Butternut Squash and Chickpea Salad
Bulgur with Whiskey Soaked Raisins and Goat Cheese
Green Beans with Honey Tahini Glaze
Masgouf–broiled salmon

Not a fried dish among them, barush Hashem. Now if I could just get the grease stains out of my clothes…

Posted on December 9, 2010

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One thought on “Post-Hanukkah Detox

  1. Brura

    I believe that even though almost everyone craves some fried foods, it gets a little much toward the end of Chanukah. I will have a toasted cheese sandwich later,(fried in a little oil instead of some other ingredient) because I still want to celebrate. As much as I don’t know how to make cholent for one, latkes for one don’t come in small portions. Since I have some acorn squash the “warm butternut Squash and chickpea salad” sounds delightful and I am grateful for your recipes. I love Shakshuka too. I so look forward to Shabbat. It is truly the most wonderful joyfilled day of the week. Happy Shabbos to all.

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