Nope, No Big Xmas Plans

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Isn’t the holiday season wonderful? Don’t you just love the beauty of it all? Or actually don’t you secretly hate it and feel empty inside whenever you hear people singing Jingle Bells?

Maybe it’s just me, but I always get the feeling that those are the only two options. You can love Christmas/Hanukkah/New Years and the sweet spirit that comes with it, or you can hate it because it makes you feel cold and alone. Generally, I am totally on board with love it or hate it things. I am one of those annoying people who either loves or hates almost everything. But, um, when it comes to the month of December and the holidays that come in it…meh. I am completely apathetic.

Last year I was in Suriname for Christmas, and I spent the day hanging out with this random guy. At the end of the day I was like, “Hey, it was nice to meet you” and he was like, “I’m so glad we spent Christmas together.” Whoops. I had both forgotten it was Christmas, and forgotten Christmas was a big deal.

I got my haircut today, and when the woman with the scissors asked me if I like the holidays I shrugged (carefully). I just don’t care. And she looked confused.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m Jewish that I don’t care, though that seems plausible to me. I don’t feel left out at Christmas, it just doesn’t mean anything to me. And honestly, New Years? I can’t believe it’s a holiday that matters at all to anyone.

Whenever I meet someone who hates the holidays I want to be like, “Hey, come over on Christmas. We’ll play Connect Four and I will teach you how to make chili.” And whenever I meet someone who is crazy-go-nuts about the holidays I want to be like, “Really? You know Santa isn’t real, right?”

Posted on December 14, 2010

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7 thoughts on “Nope, No Big Xmas Plans

  1. Shelly

    First of all, who wrote this article? (I realize it was Tamar Fox but is she really a writer?). How many times does she need to say “I was like, he was like” or “I want to be like.” Perhaps journalism 101 might be a good beginning. As for the meaningof the article, why must Jews be in any competition with Christians? I never felt any type of competition during the holiday season. Lighten up and enjoy the season. You know, I’m like, just having a good time.

  2. Jane Clifton

    Now that I know it is a pagan holiday it makes me sick to see people celebrate something YHVH never said to celebrate, and it is all a big flat lie. But if we gave him praise, glory and honor and time and money spent on christmas how so glad He would be. I was there once and am so thankful He pulled us out of that mess of confusion. Maybe He will for all someday.

  3. YZ

    Lighten up everyone—I am an 82 year old woman–proud of being a Jew—love all holidays, tolerant of all holidays and people, as long as they respect me-The time of year is bright and cheerful—enjoy the lights, enjoy the New Year.

  4. Eli

    To YZ, wow you really know who you are, and how old you, hope the redeemer find you not guilty on that day, we all have to be happy all year around not one day a year, I respect all human bean, but not their believes, we hoping all the world understand their is only one G-d, the only thing I’m happy about this time, is,… the specials at all the stores. I understand our new year is in September, it is sad to see many Jewish people celebrating pagans customs. That’s way G-d is mad all the time when his people do things wrong, look Israel is under fire on many ways, because our sins, I’m not from the black hats but I do my best to do most of the commandments .
    G-d help, us.

  5. Bobbi

    YZ- I think you said it all!
    I too, am proud of being a Jew—love all holidays, tolerant of all holidays and people, as long as they are tolerant of me. The time of year is bright and cheerful—enjoy the lights, enjoy the New Year. I think this is a wonderful time of year to think about others, and how much we all have in common. Peace on earth… sounds good to me, so does goodwill to (wo)mankind.
    Eli- You must be a very sad person if the only thing you can be happy about is the sales in the stores.There is no way that I can imagine G-d being mad all the time as you say. He has given us many ways to know and feel His love for us. Lets share the blessings we have in life with any who wish to do so.
    Blessings to all and Happy New Year!

  6. Lilly

    This is what happens when we do things we were never told to do in the first place,we were told NOT to add-on or take away! If people want to thank him “Messiah” for coming into this world as a human, why must they insist on doing it on the holiest day of the ancient Pagans?(He said DO NOT worship me with pagan things..) But if they insist why not thank him during Sukkot and First Fruits, not that we were ever told to celebrate his birth! If people would hold dear the TRUE “HOLY DAYS” of YHVH as they do this made-up messy celebration-I believe AVINU would be well pleased with us.Remember! What is highly esteemed by man can be an abomination to ADONAI. Why can’t we just do what he told us to do and not do what he did not tell us to do! Amein…

  7. Alan Connors


    I can’t believe the fuss about this topic. Where is the supposed tollerance that each faith-group professes to believe? I am a practicing RC who has taken 3 courses in Jewish history, life, and customs and about to take on a fouth. Plus, I’m signed up for a course on Islam.

    We have a daughter who is a Reform Jew and adhers to a full Kosher hosehold. She may even become the family baba, in due course.

    I think that my life is very fulfilled in that we enjoy Christnmas, Hanukkah (Chanukkah),etc. without worrying about who may or may not be offended. Maybe that’s what a Canadian is. My childhood and youth were composed of blacks, Jews, Arabs of ALL stripes, Brish and Eastern European folk.

    Then, maybe I could blame my parents for a thoughtful upbringing.

    Alan C.

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