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Shelly Butcher is a technical writer by day and a foodblogger by night. Currently residing in Oakland, CA, Shelly previously lived in Israel for twelve years, where she ate Israeli, Lebanese, Iraqi, Uzbeki, Persian, Moroccan, Yemeni, Turkish, Romanian, Greek, and Egyptian food. She blogs at an open cupboard.

Cheese Kreplach

Reprinted with permission from an open cuboard.

Back in Russia and Poland, Jews would prepare cheese kreplach served with fried onions or a dusting of sugar, sometimes sour cream or perhaps a bit of jam. The name, size and shape of the dumplings might vary depending on the region. I've prepared mine with a filling of goat cheese and za'atar, putting a Mediterranean twist on the Eastern European dish. As for toppings, I've used fried onions, leftover goat cheese instead of sour cream and plum jam. Yes, all three. The combination of flavors works surprisingly well.Other traditional ways to serve kreplach include frying them with onions, or boiling them and then serving them in soup. Kreplach can be stuffed with potatoes, beef, or chicken liver. You could alternatively make a sort of kreplach lasagne, layering sheets of fresh pasta with filling and toppings.