Tu Bishvat and Environmentalism

How this holiday fuses the mystical with the eco-planetary.

Four Types of Tu Bishvat

How the holiday developed.

Trees in Jewish Thought

Jewish sources single out trees as one of the most important aspects of the natural world.

Test Your Knowledge

A Tu Bishvat quiz.

Eating Fruit

This tie to the Land of Israel has been carried out in many ways.


Lemon and Almond Cake

Celebrating the tastes of Tu Bishvat.


Enjoy the holiday with this refreshing drink.

Persimmon Cupcakes

What to eat on the birthday of the trees.

Banana Cake

A fruity birthday cake for the trees.

How to Host a Tu Bishvat Seder

This book contains ideas for hosting seders for both adults and for children.


Modern Seder

A modern seder with a mystical predecessor.

Tree Planting

This act has always been held in high regard in Judaism.

What To Do

A summary of holiday practices for Tu Bishvat.

Trees, Earth and Torah

This anthology offers biblical, rabbinic, medieval, and modern sources on the significance and history of Tu Bishvat.

The Environment

Eco-conscious Jewish Home

Living with the consciousness that the world is a divine gift.

Taking Root in the Jewish CSA Movement

Kosher, local and yummy.

Every Person is a Tree

Biblical exegetes reflect on ecology and wanton destruction of life.

Buber's I and Thou

What trees can teach about relationships.

Tragedy of the Commons

A Jewish perspective on a seminal essay of the modern environmentalist movement.