Rosh Chodesh Resources

A list of sourcebooks for Rosh Chodesh groups.

Reprinted with permission from


-Adelman, Penina. Miriam’s Well: Rituals for Jewish Women Around the Year. Biblio Press, 1996.


-Berrin, Susan, Ed. Celebrating the New Moon: A Rosh Hodesh Anthology. Jason Aronson, 1996.


-Bohm, Lenore. Rosh Chodesh Guide: Resources for Sisterhood Study and Celebration. Women of Reform Judaism, The Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, 1997.


-Diament, Carol, Ed. Moonbeams: A Hadassah Rosh Hodesh Guide. Jewish Lights Publishing, 2000.


-Feld, Merle. A Spiritual Life: Exploring the Heart and Jewish Tradition. SUNY Press, 2007.


-Solomon, Judith Y. The Rosh Hodesh Table: Foods at the New Moon–Jewish Women’s Monthly Festivals. Biblio Press, 1995.

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