Parents & Children

Judaism teaches us about obligations & relationships of parents and children.

Children's Responsibilities to Parents

It's not only what you do for your parents that counts, but how you do it as well.

When a Child Should Disobey

Actions to avoid even if one is directed to do them by one's mother or father.

Let’s Get Real About Marriage and Parenting

Societal and professional considerations regarding when, and if, to have children.

Untraditional Families in the Bible

From Jacob and his maids, to Ruth and Naomi, and all the children who grew up among them.


Spouses & Partners

In light of the biblical principle that "It is not good for human beings to be alone."

Marriage in Judaism

Marriage in Judaism is an important part of the Jewish life cycle.

Marriage & God

Jewish marriage creates a spiritual connection between human beings and with God.

Meeting at the Well

A useful book offering Jewish spiritual guidance for couples planning to marry.

Jewish Weddings Quiz

How much do you know about Jewish weddings?



The benefits of friendship are appreciated by Jewish tradition.

Vengeance and Grudges

"Burying the hatchet" is not a simple task; Judaism offers some practical guidelines.

Jewish Wisdom on Friendship

On the nature of friendship, the rewards it offers, and the efforts one should make to sustain it.

Friendship in Hasidism

Early Hasidism stressed fellowship among followers of the same charismatic leader, but not necessarily among all Jews.



Never simple, often painful, the bonds between brothers and sisters are nevertheless uniquely valuable.

Having an Only Child

Sometimes, one child is more than enough for a happy family.

When Siblings Fight

How we can learn from Jacob and Esau's legendary rivalry in parenting our own children.

My Wife, My Sister

Three times in Genesis, wives are "passed off" as sisters.

In My Brother's Image

A nonfiction book about identical twin brothers born in Hungary to Jewish parents but raised as Catholic converts until the Holocaust unraveled their family.