Parashat Ki Tissa Quiz

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Provided by the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, exploring Torah through the original sources.


1. God states that taking a census of the children of Israel is most important. The inclusion of those counted is valuable to the individual in two ways. What are they?

2. With reference to "atonement money” that each person over 20 was required to give, how did one determine how much to give?
3. What were Aaron and his sons required to do before they went into the tent of meeting. what happened if they didn’t do it, and why is it significant to us today?

4. Name the five ingredients that made up the anointing oil.5. We all know that the principle craftsman of the time was Bezalal ben Uri. How did he have the skill and know-how to make all the intricate items required for the tent of meeting, the ark of the testimony, the furniture, etc.?

6. Who designed and built the golden calf? After it was built, what did the people say about it?

7. What is the difference between the way Aaron described how the golden calf was made and how it was really made?

8. How did God describe the Israelite idol worshippers, and where does this figure of speech come from?

9. What did Moses do with the golden calf?

10. When it came time to declare who was on God’s side, Moses called out for the people to come over to him. Who came and what were they told to do?

11. How did Moses intercede on behalf of the people so that God would not destroy them?

12. Why is it surprising that Moses became so angry when he saw the golden calf, causing him to break the tablets of God?

13. Why did God say that He could not lead the people from their midst and did that stand up in the end?


1. The census was considered a ransom for atonement of their souls to God and was also beneficial for prevention of plagues among the people (30:12).

2. Everyone gave 1/2 shekel which equaled 10 gerahs (30:13).

3. Aaron and his sons were required to wash their hands and feet with water from a laver of brass, and if they did not they would die. Today, this is part of what Cohanim are required to do (30:18).

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